The BAL.ON Backswing drill

The goal of this drill is to be able to trigger your downswing with a forceful shifting of pressure towards the target. Grow ever more sensitive as to how it feels to load up pressure, keep it loaded and release it in a shift.

Place your smartphone in a 45° angle in front (out of reach for your swing).

Activate the heatmap mode.


To avoid swaying in backswing, place some obstacle on your trail side. Your hip will bounce against it, in case you do sway (in our video, it’s the golf bag placed to the player’s right).


Create a pressure ratio of ~55% lead foot, ~45% trail foot. Consciously interact with the ground and check with the heat map. 

Initiate a shifting of pressure from lead to trail foot. Keep checking with the heatmap.


When your club shaft is parallel to the ground, you ought to be at ~70% pressure on the trail foot. Get a feel for this build-up: it is as if, under the trail foot, you compress the ground (physically impossible, but this is how it feels). Your trail leg muscles, right up to your glutes, are tensed up. Coaches often refer to this as “loading”.


Keep this pressure right up to top of backswing. Keep checking with the heatmap as a cue.

Initiate your downswing with a shifting of pressure towards the target.


  • 50 – 100 reps: no ball
  • Then train with the ball