Impact drill for drivers

The BAL.ON Impact drill for drivers

Please mind: for irons, please refer to the other Impact drill we provide!

The goal for this drill is to achieve more clubhead speed through a leverage effect within the strike. In biomechanics, this is known as “increasing moment arm” – an action that propels your driver faster. It is also important to create a positive attack angle, which lets the clubface hit the ball slightly from below. Both measures affect your driving distance positively!

Come into a standard set-up pressure distribution with ~45% pressure on the trail foot, ~55% pressure on the lead foot. Check with the heatmap.

Shift pressure to the trail foot. Start the backswing.


While in backswing, unweight, then create a fast and wide pressure shift to the lead side.

(Unweighting is another action physically impossible, but mentally helpful.) 


In late backswing, aim for a short squatting action. Then shift pressure really fast!

Directly after the pressure shift, push up explosively. 

Keep the driver shaft close to your body and feel the acceleration of the club!


Watch for a positive attack angle.



  • 50 – 100 reps: no ball
  • Then train with the ball