Transition Timing

The BAL.ON Transition Timing drill

Learn to master a pin-pointed transition that helps gather your body momentum behind the swing. That’s another important factor in improving shot length. The speed of your pressure shift correlates with your club head speed. A continuous transition move helps you in keeping your swing constant. Beginners should also develop a keen sense for the torsion and how it helps them unleash more power.

Assume a narrow stand with closed legs, slightly to the right of the ball.

Go into set-up with the club head facing the target.

Swing back the club.

When the club passes your lead leg, step towards the target. Your body moves in the opposite direction of the club. This causes a slight torsion in your body. Develop a feel for that very torsion.


Then swing through in one smooth motion.

Over time, your transition phase shortens noticeably.

As a result, your body works more effectively



  • 50 – 100 reps: no ball
  • Then train with the ball