About us


We are BAL.ON

We are scientists and engineers, creators and discoverers, adventurers and athletes. We organize everything we do around you and your fellow golfers, always keen on learning where your feedback leads us. Along with coding ideas, shrewd data analysis, and finicky hardware, it all came together in the BAL.ON Smart Kit – a product aiming to change golf training forever.


Your best personal coaching

BAL.ON is one of Continental’s latest developments. We share the same drive as Continental to tackle technology, innovation, and new ways to be of service. This drive spurned us on to create a radically new wearable that improves your balance, weight shifting and ultimately, your game. We are fascinated by the idea that machine learning helps you learn, that we transform patterns no one can see to serve as your guide – that we advise you always, wherever you need it.


We raise your game

We create fun, innovation and confidence by providing insightful data to everyone. And we take immense pride in knowing something from us will be with you on the course. When you go out there, into the sun and the wind and the rain, to play the game you love, we will be at your side: as pioneering, passionate and agile as we have always been – right from teeing off.