More speed, more meters

What club head speed in the golf swing means for distance and consistency


More than in almost any other sport, there are countless factors in the golf swing that determine success or failure within a single movement. But undoubtedly one of the most important factors, especially in the drive, is club head speed. In this article, we will look at the central importance of club head speed in the golf swing, with a particular focus on the impact on distance and consistency of the swing.


Club head speed is the measure of how fast the club head moves when it hits the ball. This speed is of crucial importance as it has a direct influence on the trajectory, distance and control of the golf ball.

Greater distance

A significant advantage of a higher club head speed lies in the distance achieved: the faster a golfer moves the club, i.e. the faster the club head hits the ball, the further it can be hit. This correlation is particularly important on long fairways, where increased distance can mean the difference between a successful shot and a potential hazard.

Consistency and precision

In addition to distance, club head speed also plays a key role in the consistency of the swing. Golfers who can keep their club head speed consistent tend to produce more accurate and predictable shots. This is especially important for keeping the ball on the desired course and mastering the demands of the course.

Smart integration of ground reaction forces

With innovative products such as the smart training device from BAL.ON, golfers and coaches can visualise the ground reaction forces during the golf swing - or put more simply, they can see how exactly and, more importantly, when exactly they are shifting their weight. By understanding, analysing and targeting these forces, golfers can work specifically on improving their club head speed and therefore improve their overall performance. The BAL.ON Smart Kit provides instant feedback, allowing the swing to be analysed in detail and targeted adjustments to be made.


Three ways to increase your speed:

1. Strength training

targeted strength training, especially for the muscles in the torso and shoulders, can increase club head speed. A balanced training programme that combines strength and flexibility is particularly effective here: the right relaxation is just as important as the right tension, especially when pushing forward at high club speeds.

2. Improving technique

The right technique is crucial. Golfers should work with their coaches on efficient swing technique to maximise club head speed. This can include engaging the entire body in the swing and optimising rotation. Equally important is correct timing when shifting - or to put it more radically: without correct timing, even a first-class technique won't help.

3. Flexibility training

Good flexibility promotes a fluid swing and enables more effective use of the muscles, which in turn can increase club head speed. Stretching exercises, yoga or Pilates can help with this.


Club head speed is a key factor in golf, influencing both the distance and consistency of the swing. Golfers who specifically train and understand their club head speed can sustainably improve their performance on the course. The BAL.ON Smart Kit offers an innovative way to visualise ground reaction forces and pave the way to a more effective golf swing. Through a combination of strength training, technique improvement and flexibility training, golfers can optimise their club head speed and thus take their playing skills to a new level.