Golf shoes for all walks of the game

15 March 2024


How to find the perfect shoe

Functional membranes and cushioning systems, packaged in stylish looks characterize the range of golf shoes. In addition to a selection of new releases, we also have some tips on how to find the perfect golf shoe for you. And: we'll be looking into the question of whether you can gain club head speed and save strokes with the right footwear?

"A golf shoe that can take every swing in every position in every season." This is an advertising slogan that seems to fit some of the top models on the golf shoe market. Another even promises an additional gain in club head speed and shot length and, as a result, an improvement in round results. Dreams of the future?

Some golfers may still remember the days when pure leather and metal spikes (later with ceramic tips) dominated heavyweight shoes on the fairways. Warning signs on the clubhouse doors that demanded “please change your footwear” before entering. Because golf shoes destroyed the wooden and carpeted floors and posed a high risk of slipping and injury on the tiles in the changing rooms. After long days of play, the greens also looked pretty devastated, and desperate greenkeepers had their hands full with nasty spike marks and furrows made by shuffling golfers.

Fortunately, these scenarios are a thing of the past. Drivers with carbon club faces and more than 10,000 MOI, mallet putters produced with artificial intelligence - and the highest level of high-tech in footwear. Nowadays, golf shoes are designed for high-performance sport across the board. Modern golfers play their rounds in shoes with breathable and waterproof membranes, cushioning systems adapted to the strain of long foot marches and explosive swings, stabilization supports and elements that support golf-specific movement. With a total weight that is a fraction of the models from 30 years ago. Everything at the highest level – the only question remaining is how to find the perfect golf shoe for you. For there are major differences that can prove an advantage or disadvantage, depending on your preferences.

Golf shoes with or without spikes?

Fred Couples really made casual sneakers socially acceptable on the golf course in 2010 when he casually walked the fairways of Augusta in his Eccos and, at the age of 50, led the Masters Tournament with a round of 66. While his competitors were all looking up at Couples, everyone else seemed to be looking down. "I get more attention for my shoes than my pars and birdies," Couples said, recalling the spikeless pair of Eccos he wore that week - without socks, mind you. "Fred Couples Golf shoes" was the fourth most searched term on Google this Masters week. The 1992 Masters winner, former world number one and casual long-hitter known by the nickname Boom Boom Freddy, finished sixth 14 years ago and the Danish shoe manufacturer's warehouses were empty overnight.

A fond memory and the beginning of a new era of casual, comfortable leisure shoes on the golf course. Clear advantage: a particularly comfortable shoe for all "life situations". Disadvantage: more risk of slipping, less grip, tends to transfer less energy. One solution could be shoe fittings and tests on force plates. Or you resort to the two-millimeter thin BAL.ON insoles with pressure sensors, providing artificial intelligence, swing analysis and instant feedback. Based on sound data, you can then weigh up whether maximum energy transfer, functionality or comfort are more important to you and find the optimal mix and the perfect model for you.

Health aspect: What makes a good golf shoe?

Golf legend Bernhard Langer tore his Achilles tendon in the gym at the beginning of 2024. This is the most common tendon rupture in the human body. "The Achilles tendon is the strongest tendon and works like a spring: if it is overstretched, it ruptures," explains the physiotherapist for the European Ryder Cup team, Artur Frank. "As prevention, you should stretch the Achilles tendon well, treat the fascia, wear good sports shoes and insoles if necessary," the expert continues. Golfers can therefore take preventative measures with a suitable shoe, among other things. 

Various scientific studies have shown that providing feet with cushioning comfort insoles in a sensible golf shoe leads to clear improvements. "It doesn't matter whether there is an orthopaedic foot deformity or not," says Frank. The decisive factor is that the insole supplied can be removed if the golfer needs an orthopaedic insole. "Comfort and fit are the most important criteria when buying a golf shoe." It is important to ensure that certain manufacturers offer different widths as well as modern materials that are breathable and water-repellent. Equally important: good heel guidance thanks to a stable heel cap and flex zones so that it can adapt to different terrains. 

Good golf shoes are also characterized by low weight, suitable midsole materials to dampen unwanted vibrations so that the golfer has to use less muscle power, as well as an increase in the flexural rigidity of the shoe midsoles to reduce the energy loss at the base of the toe joint during the rolling phase. In the following, we present some new golf shoe models and would like to summarize some essential criteria for shoe comfort in your search for the perfect golf shoe: no pain, perfect fit, stability, cushioning, antomic features, foot climate.

Adidas ZG23

With the Adidas ZG23, the Herzogenaurach-based company presents a performance model with spikes that is lightweight without compromising on performance. The outsole and upper material of the ZG21 have been completely redesigned to offer golfers more traction, stability and comfort. For improved cushioning, the Adidas ZG23 features the Adidas Lightstrike and Lightstrike Pro cushioning systems. These have already proven themselves in Adidas basketball and running shoes. A revised midsole combines the cushioning system to offer stability and comfort in one package. The upper material consists of at least 50 percent recycled material. For the sole construction, the swings of the Adidas Tour pros were studied and the position and height of all Thintech soft spikes and studs in the D-Traxion part of the outsole were optimized using heatmap studies and an algorithm, thereby optimizing power transmission, balance and stability. Also available with Boa Fit System for men and women. Further information at:; Price (RRP): 220 Euro (230 Euro Boa version)


Ecco LT1

The Ecco LT1 aims to set new standards in lightness and comfort and redefine the golf shoe experience with the introduction of LYTR technology. LYTR foam is seamlessly integrated into the sole of the shoe using proven Fluidform technology and, combined with soft Phorene material in the midsole, creates a flexible, cloud-like feel for the wearer and a finely tuned balance of cushioning and feedback. Furthermore, an "E-DTS NET" design provides durability and is intended to offer the wearer multi-directional traction for unrestricted performance on the golf course. The shank, which provides stability and prevents twisting, is visible through the sole and gives the waterproof leather shoe a bold color accent. Also available with Boa lacing for men and women. Further information at:; price (RRP): 200 euros (230 euros Boa version)


FootJoy Hyperflex

The HyperFlex comes to the tee in the design of a high-quality running shoe, modern, sporty and with an extremely "cool" sole shape. The midfoot area is quite wide, as the Power Stabilizer design is visible on both sides. The lack of an ordinary tongue and the sock-like entry also gives the impression that the upper area is slightly wider than normal. The combination of StratoFoam and FTF+ in the midsole and outsole makes walking very comfortable and provides a balance of stability and flexibility. Further features: Integrated thermoplastic saddle for maximum energy transfer during the swing; StratoFoam is tuned for walking comfort and reduces walking fatigue; FTF+ provides full support and stability during the swing; OptiFlex for walking comfort; the additional ankle padding and seamless design provide comfort and support for the heel; one year waterproof warranty. Also available with Boa lacing for men and women. Further information at:; price (RRP): 219 euros (249 euros Boa version, 259 euros carbon version)


Mizuno Genem WG BOA

According to the manufacturer, the Mizuno Genem WG BOA spikeless shoe offers particularly stable support for a powerful game, is made from recycled materials and is the first environmentally conscious model from the Japanese company. The "Bloom Algae Technology" helps to remove harmful phosphorus and ammonia from industrial waste water during production. The Enerzy midsole is made of algae resin and is said to be 17 percent softer and return 15 percent more energy than any other material before. The combination with Mizuno's spikeless Wgrip technology in a three-sector sole is said to provide excellent grip, grip and traction throughout the swing. Further information at:; Price (RRP): 170 euros (210 euros for the GTX version with Goretex membrane) 


Nike Air Jordan 9 G

With the Air Jordan 9 G, Nike has taken direct inspiration from the 93 classic, which was released in Michael Jordan's first year of retirement, and given it a golf update. The memory foam insole nestles directly under the foot and is designed to provide additional cushioning. The synthetic leather tongue offers comfort around the ankle and emphasizes a low-top design that is intended for precise golf shots that ultimately land softly on the green. Traction on the course is provided by a robust synthetic plate with seven removable champs spikes, while a leather strip has been added to the back of the sole for extra stability when swinging through the ball. Nike offers a two-year waterproof guarantee. Further information at:; Price (RRP): 249.99 euros


Puma Phantomcat Nitro

With the new Phantomcat Nitro, Puma promises maximum comfort and first-class performance on a wide variety of turf and ground conditions. Nitrogen Infused Foam, a nitrogen foam injected into the heel area, is designed to ensure better rebound and lightweight responsiveness with every step. On the new, anatomically shaped last with a wider toe box, its fit is designed to offer greater comfort for a wide range of foot shapes. The Flexspike design provides a new kind of traction with integrated lugs designed to increase surface contact with the ground, provide more grip and improve weight distribution, making the shoes lighter and more comfortable overall. Other features include a full-grain leather upper with a one-year waterproof guarantee, a TPU outsole with studded secondary traction elements and a molded heel element that locks the foot in place for greater control and stability. Further information at:; Price (RRP): 199.95 euros (219.95 euros disc lacing)


Skechers – Go Golf Blade GF Slip-Ins

For the 2024 golf shoe collection, the Americans have integrated proven comfort technologies from the running and lifestyle range. The Go Golf Blade GF Slip-Ins, which US Open winner Matt Fitzpatrick played a key role in developing, offer Skechers "Hands Free Slip-Ins" technology and make it easy to slip them on without having to bend down. The Heel-Pillow ensures comfort, fit and a secure hold in the waterproof model, while the collar and tongue are padded for increased comfort. Further benefits: Eco-Flight cushioning made from at least ten percent recycled materials; Gripflex TPU outsole with numerous traction elements and four plastic spikes attached to strategically important areas for traction and stability; a Resamax insole supports the arch of the foot on the one hand and absorbs shocks on the other, so that feet do not tire. Further information at:; Price (RRP): 180 euros


Under Armour Drive Pro

The US manufacturer Under Armour attaches great importance to the fact that the Drive Pro golf shoe is an equipment component of golf equipment and should also explicitly contribute to improving the game. The combination of comfort, style and performance paired with stability and traction is said to be unbeatable. The outstanding feature of the shoe is the "Swing Support System" (S3) for better traction, double foam cushioning and firm lacing. Swing support straps and reinforced upper material ensure biomechanically correct support. HOVR energy-return foam and supportive Charged Cushioning technology channel the foot's natural movement into the swing, while the new S3 spikes offer improved directional traction. Further highlights: Outsole features strategic flex grooves, secondary traction and TPU on the sides for added support under impact; improved fit provides more room for the ball of the foot, creating more comfort and stability; a breathable, supportive microfiber upper and a fully waterproof membrane with a one-year warranty; molded sockliner for improved fit and comfort. Further information at:; price (RRP): 170 euros (150 euros studded version)