Improve your Swing.

Improve your Game.

Outplay the competition with instant feedback and AI coaching by BAL.ON


Move more effectively, hit longer shots!

Pressure data makes you see the unseen in your golf swing. See your weight shift in the BAL.ON heatmap, use ground reaction forces to your advantage, hit the ball longer!


How close can you come to the pro ideal?

Make the world's best players your yardstick. Analyze your swing with the BAL.ON golf app’s detailed metrics. Discover the difference instant feedback can make.


AI coaching: training made to measure.

Based on your individual scoring, the BAL.ON app points you to the exercise that helps you improve. Get the one drill that really ups your game. 


It's easier to stay on track when you see it.

Nothing feels better than the progress you look back on. Register your training history, relive your passion.


Feeling is an acquired skill. Make yours perfect.

The feeling for your body has to be trained like a muscle in your body. With BAL.ON, you learn to feel the real – the perfect foundation for your swing technique.


Shift like a pro!

Have your coach draw individual target lines for your shifting. Heeding those lines, you can perfect all areas of the game, from driving to chipping, pitching, and putting.


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