The BAL.ON Smart Kit

analyze golf weight shift with the BAL.ON heatmap

A training system for all areas of golf 

The BAL.ON Smart Kit captures smart pods, and a smartphone app. Relying on pressure sensors and AI, it gives you real-time analysis and coaching. BAL.ON captures information invisible to human eyes, improving your competitive edge whenever and wherever you need it. 

BAL.ON Smart Kit with Heatmap

See more of your swing – the BAL.ON heatmap

The BAL.ON heatmap shows how you shift your weight during the golf swing. Quite literally, it unveils the footprint of your motion, as your feet mark the beginning of the golf swing’s kinematic chain. This chain goes throughout your entire body. Consequently, your pressure patterns can help spot where you differ from the “corridor of the ideal” in your motion. With the BAL.ON heatmap, you see details of your movement’s quality that no other system can give you.  

BAL.ON Smart Kit with Pressure Soles

How it works – 18 sensors and your smartphone eyeing your every move 

BAL.ON uses two sources of data: sensor data of the pressure soles as well as video data you capture with your smartphone.  

The 18 highly sensitive Force Sensing Resistors (FSR) cause a change in electrical resistance when pressure is applied on them. Via the smart pods, this signal goes into the app.  

The BAL.ON app monitors your pressure values and syncs them with your video sequences. It compares both with thousands of reference player data, among them many pros. It spots where you have potential for improvement – and it tips you off how to improve measurably!  

BAL.ON Smart Kit with Swing Metrics

Instant and objective feedback – the BAL.ON metrics

BAL.ON rates your swing along three basic metrics: setup, backswing, and impact. Mastering these swing key positions improves your ball-striking quality and consistency. The advanced metrics are transition timing, vertical timing, max vertical, and rhythm. Understanding and perfecting the timing minutiae within your weight shift gives you the extra momentum for clubhead speed and ultimately shot length. It also helps achieve the effortless grace that advanced players look for in the golf swing.

Instant feedback - better motion quality - mobile coaching

The BAL.ON Smart Kit

BAL.ON Smart Kit with AI Coaching

Always at your fingertips – AI coaching by BAL.ON 

Through the BAL.ON app, you receive a metrical rating for each swing or sequence of swings you perform. If you like, you can activate a coaching function based on this rating. It points you towards specific drills that improve key parts of your swing technique. These drills help you isolate and address the precise detail in your golf training. Our AI coaching is always available for you, wherever you are, fitting into the busiest of schedules. 

BAL.ON Smart Kit with Progress Tracking

Systematic motivation – the BAL.ON tracking function

BAL.ON keeps track of your progress, allowing you to evaluate your training regularly. Tracking is a great motivational factor for all player grades. Also, it is one of our founding principles to leave your data yours forever. You can always rely on past records for a sound training basis – and to spur you on towards new improvements.

BAL.ON Smart Kit with swing technique training

Power to proprioception – BAL.ON trains your feeling

Feeling centered and actually being centered can be two very different things – a startling revelation even for advanced players. BAL.ON’s instant and finely detailed feedback helps you train your feeling like a muscle in your body. Which you have to, if you want your feeling to pilot you through the complex and refined motions that are characteristic for golf. The BAL.ON Smart Kit is one of the smartest choices in this respect, as it works in all areas of the game, in the drive, as well as the chip, and the putt. Training with it, you refine your proprioception to make it a reliable yardstick for your motion.

BAL.ON Smart Kit with Traceline Drill

Set your own targets – the BAL.ON traceline drill 

While BAL.ON is a great way to train individually and independently, it can also enrich the work you are doing with your coach. With the traceline drill function, your coach can provide you with a target line for your ideal weight shift. It is up to your training interest which area of the game you want to focus on – driving, chipping, and putting all have very distinct ideal weight trace lines. Have yours drawn in for you individually, and start improving significantly.

BAL.ON Smart Kit with Pressure Soles

Remote coaching – the BAL.ON Academy

Our next big step within the BAL.ON ecosystem: the BAL.ON Academy. Connect with a coach of your choice and receive truly personal tuition one on one. Record your swings and have the app feedback enriched by personal guidance, edited swing videos, voice messages and other helpful cues.

BAL.ON Smart Kit Blog Section

Leveraging pressure for shot length – want to know more? 

Intriguing, invisible, effective: pressure-based training is not yet known in all corners of the golfing world. If you want to learn more about it, why not cast an eye on our blog articles on pressure, transition timing, or max vertical? Or generally seek some inspiration on training methods and philosophy in our blog section

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