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The greatest risk during off-season is the loss of basic technique and your intuitive command of it. 

With the two following drills, you can make the most of a 30-to-40-minute training session on the range.


Keep your Setup solid

It is easy to lose the feeling for the correct setup, even though – or maybe because – it is not the most challenging of golf moves.

Try to maintain about 60% pressure on your lead leg (the leg facing your target) and 40% on your trail leg (the leg pointing away from your target).

Check with the BAL.ON live heatmap. Aim to have an even pressure distribution along the length of your feet – neither too much centered on your toes nor too much on your heels.

Once you’re there, complete your swing. Allow yourself the luxury of just minding the setup distribution and nothing else.

For this drill, don’t worry about timing, rhythm, or even shot length. Just try and let the body angles that compose the 60/40 ratio sink in deep into your muscle memory.


Optimize your Impact position

At impact, you should have some 70% pressure on your lead leg and roughly 30% on your trail leg.

From a face-on perspective, be sure to have your hands slightly in front of the ball, i.e. for a right-handed golfer, slightly to the left of the ball.

Let hips and upper body rotate smoothly towards the target. Again, keep the longitudinal pressure distribution even, neither too much on your toes nor on your heels.

Once you have that down, focus on the 70%/30% ratio and try to reach it precisely on every shot.

Blank out everything else. Then include the proper hand positioning and rotation.

Notice how the 70% pressure on the lead leg coincides with the hand positioning to the left of the ball.

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Mix up to spice up

Monitor your moves with the BAL.ON live heatmap first. Then try a number of runs without heatmap help. Finally check yourself again. Do you make the numbers? Does your perception and the pressure reality match? Once you have a sufficient number of repetitions under your belt, you can also try mixing both drills: assume setup, then impact, then back to setup. Let your weight distribution jump to and fro, as well as the hand position and the body rotation.

Switch from setup to impact and back again, while trying to hit the correct pressure values. Try to become really fast and spot on!

Check out the video below for more detailed instructions!