Max Vertical

The BAL.ON Max Vertical drill

Make vertical power generation an integral part of your (largely rotational) swinging power. Learn how to activate vertical power, feel it accelerating your swing, and ultimately, achieve a short take-off, at least of your heels. Higher swinging speed, obviously, will affect your hitting distance positively.

Assume a natural stance, with a slight bending of the knees.

Raise the club shaft until it’s parallel to the floor.

Rotate away from the target into backswing. Feel the twist of your body.

Straighten your legs with a kicking motion. Integrate your vertical power into the entire power generation behind your swing.

Feel how the kicking accelerates your arms and your club.

Do a lot of practice swings just minding one thing: when lead arm is parallel to the floor, you push forcefully off the ground. That means you must initiate the push at the beginning of downswing.

Don’t be shy to lift your heels. Some players, like Justin Thomas, are completely airborne when the kick is through. That should be your goal, too.



  • 50 – 100 reps: no ball
  • Then train with the ball