The BAL.ON Rhythm drill

The goal of this drill is to become familiar with a three-to-one ratio between complete backswing on one hand and downswing and impact on the other: three counts for the first motion, one count for the second. This will help you in producing repeatable swings. Repeatable swings are by tendency better swings.

Assume set-up position.

Go to top of backswing while saying the word “one hundred” to yourself.

Then complete downswing till impact while saying the word “one”.

Do this a couple of times.  Get comfy with the 3:1 ratio: three syllables till top of backswing, only one syllable for downswing and impact!

Internalize this rhythm completely. Only then do the drill with a ball.

No sooner :-))


  • 50 – 100 reps: no ball
  • Then train with the ball
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