The BAL.ON Setup drill

Golf training with the Set-up drill is important because starting with the right pressure distribution will improve your entire performance throughout the swing.

Along with the physical moves, train your perception – perception of balance, of contact, of motion. It takes a fair bit of conscious activation to turn your perception into an analytic tool for your golfing. Refer to the heatmap for support. For all the numerics and the measuring, stay attentive as to how it feels when you are interacting with the ground. 


Place your smartphone in front, so you can see your heatmap well. Keep it out of your swing’s reach! 

Activate the heatmap mode.

Stance roughly shoulder-width, an (imaginary!) ball in the middle. (At first, it might help to put a tee to where this imaginary ball would lie.)

Work out the ideal pressure distribution ~55% lead foot, ~45% trail foot. Keep checking yourself with the heatmap. You might be surprised at first.

Feel the interaction with the ground. Sometimes, this is more instructive if you imagine the ground “responding”. (It cannot, of course, but the thought can help your perception to become keener.)

Once you have reached ~55% lead foot, ~45% trail foot, learn to keep it for a while. Count down 5 to zero. If it helps, close your eyes.

Now do a swing. Remember to shift to trail foot initially, then, during downswing, shift to lead foot. You can check this easily with the BAL.ON App's replay function.


  • 50 – 100 reps: no ball
  • Then train with the ball