Vertical Timing drill

The BAL.ON Vertical Timing drill

Learn to create the peak of pressure exactly when it propels your club head the most. 

This happens in the small glimpse between lead arm parallel to the floor and shaft parallel to the floor. The right timing is an important factor in achieving longer shot distance.


Assume set-up position. 

Reach up until top of backswing. While getting there, feel how your body is loading up, i.e. your entire trail leg and glutes tense up. Have the impression you compress the ground under your trail foot (not physically happening, but the mental image is useful). 

Finish this phase by lifting your lead heel off the floor.

Bring the lead heel down to trigger your downswing. 

(Think of a heel kick rather than a heel landing.)


Squat to prepare bouncing off the floor. 

Start pushing when you feel your lead hand is at shoulder height.

The natural lag between that feeling and your actual push effectively coincides your maximum pressure with your arms or shaft being parallel to the floor. 

This is exactly the right spot for the maximum pressure to occur!


Stretch your lead leg at impact!


  • 50 – 100 reps: no ball
  • Then train with the ball