Making a splash at the PGA show!

1 March 2024

A recap of our successful trade fair presence

From January 24–26 January 2024 , the BAL.ON team showcased the BAL.ON Smart Kit at the prestigious PGA Show in Orlando, Florida. The three-day event turned out to be a resounding success for BAL.ON, showering the team with overwhelmingly positive response from professionals in the golf industry.


A beacon of innovation

At the PGA Show, the BAL.ON booth stood out as a beacon of innovation, drawing attention from golf enthusiasts, coaches, and industry professionals alike. The Smart Kit proved to be the star of the show. Its ability to provide real-time visualization of ground reaction forces during a golf swing captivated the audience, showcasing our product's potential to revolutionize swing training, and ultimately, golf training.

Throughout the event, the BAL.ON team engaged in over 300 conversations with professionals eager to explore the possibilities offered by the Smart Kit. The enthusiastic response and genuine interest from attendees highlighted the industry's recognition of our potential to enhance golf training.

Professionals praised not only the technological prowess of the Smart Kit but also commended the team for the thoughtfully designed booth presentation. The immersive experience created by BAL.ON left a lasting impression, with some attendees expressing a desire to purchase the Smart Kit on the spot. The anticipation generated at the PGA Show is a promising precursor for our US market later in the year.


Martin Borgmeier, giving an on-site presentation of how ground reaction forces help propel the club head.


Talking shop to an interested visitor: Martin Borgmeier in expert exchanges on the BAL.ON Smart Kit.


The BAL.ON team returned home with a sense of accomplishment, excited by the positive responses received during the PGA Show. The successful trade fair presence validated the team's dedication and hard work, showcasing BAL.ON as a frontrunner in innovative golf training technology.