Improve your Swing.

Improve your Game.

Unlock the new golf coaching era with the BAL.ON Smart Kit.

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Your feet level with the ground, your weight evenly spread, your mind calm – your balance is on! This is “BAL.ON”, and it’s here to take your golfing to the next level.


Recognizing patterns invisible to human eyes

Instant coaching feedback with intelligent data

One of the best training aids for you and your coach


From better balance to better stroke

BAL.ON is a kit of pressure soles, smart pods and a smartphone app. It relies on weight distribution sensors and AI to deliver real-time swing analysis and coaching. It processes information invisible to human eyes to give you a competitive edge whenever and wherever you need it. 

AI coach

Smart wearable

Ultra-thin sensors


Perfect for training and trainers alike

If you are a coach, BAL.ON fits easily into any training session you give. Enhance your feedback with revolutionary motion tracking that is easy to grasp and immediately convincing. Use data analysis to give a great overview of how your students improve palpably, from training to training. With BAL.ON your students will value your sessions even higher!


Let the BAL.ON method inspire your improvement!

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