How BAL.ON delivers for you as a coach

To walk the path of improvement is hard. To coach people on that path is harder. Whoever commits to that task simply deserves the highest standard for analytical tools available. Working with coaches for coaches, we continue pushing that standard higher. 



Live heatmap

Have pressure distribution visualized throughout the swing. It gives your students a powerful insight into how they can improve the quality of their shots. 


Center of pressure

See the combined center of pressure move during the swing. When improving a student’s shot quality, this is a key variable – and it’s easily understandable to boot! 



Sensor line graph

Throughout the swing, see how the pressure builds around each foot. Monitor total pressure build and velocity. The visual cue helps your students gain a better understanding of power generation. 


State-of-the-art data accuracy

For all its portability and versatility in use, BAL.ON does not compromise data quality. Tested against the best solutions out in the market, it provides reliable and accurate data.


Usability lets you focus on what matters

Set up your mobile or iPad and let the student perform their shots. With our automatic shot detection, there is no need to interact with the camera between shots.


Improve your students. Improve your income.

The BAL.ON academy

The BAL.ON academy is the web-based extension of the BAL.ON App. Register yourself as a coach and connect easily with your students. Enlarge your customer base and serve your existing clients even better. Enrich your feedback with online coaching, pressure data analysis and video assessments. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s profitable to boot!

This is how it will work:


Coming soon!